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When you die without a valid will in Virginia, you are said to have died intestate. When you die intestate in Virginia, your estate passes according to the laws of intestate succession. In other words, your estate passes according to the legal system and not what you may have wanted but never formalized: you have no say in how your estate is distributed.  When you die testate in Virginia, you die with a valid will. Having a valid will  in Virginia helps prevent confusion, and more importantly, it provides that your intentions are honored. Don't  risk letting the state determine how your estate is distributed. Contact us today to talk with a Central Virginia wills lawyer!

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Don't die without a will in Virginia! A will allows you to express your wishes about the disposition of your property at your death.  A will in Virginia is perhaps the most important document you can draft regarding your estate.  Once you have a will in Virginia, it is important to remember that as your asset profile changes, and as your family changes, that it may need to be updated to properly express your wishes. Not all wills in Virginia are the same, and at times, Virginia wills may be declared invalid when legally challenged by someone with the right to make a wills challenge in Virginia. Contact us today to inquire about hiring a Central Virginia wills and codicil lawyer. 

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Would you like to create a trust in Virginia? A trust in Virginia may be beneficial. A trust in Virginia is an arrangement which provides a third party (the trustee) with the authority to hold assets on behalf of others (beneficiaries). A trust in Virginia allows you to specify how assets held in the trust are passed to the trust's beneficiaries. Because trusts in Virginia usually avoid the probate process, your beneficiaries may have access to trust assets more quickly than if the assets are transferred in your will.  A trust in Virginia may also help protect your estate's assets from creditors of your heirs. Contact us today to inquire hiring a Central Virginia trusts lawyer to help you and your estate.

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Most people dread the thought of suffering an injury and, as a result, no longer being able to make medically-related decisions for themselves. Often, when people are unprepared and tragedy strikes, family members are forced to debate what your intentions may have been. You can prevent such debate. The advance medical directive in Virginia allows  you to comprehensively specify what actions should be taken in the event that you can no longer make medically-related decisions for yourself. Don't risk the unknown. Contact us today to inquire about how a Central Virginia advance directive lawyer can help you.

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A power of attorney in Virginia is a written document which authorizes an individual to act on behalf of another in private affairs . A power of attorney becomes ineffective if the grantor either passes away or becomes incapacitated. However, with a durable power of attorney the grantor specifies that the power of attorney shall remain effective  even if he or she becomes incapacitated. This allows the attorney-in-fact (the individual with the authority to act on behalf of the grantor) to continue acting. Contact us today to inquire about how a Central Virginia power of attorney lawyer can help you.

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The process of estate administration In Virginia involves locating all of the decedent's assets, settling the decedent's debts, and then distributing the decedent's remaining assets according to their wishes. Without knowledge of estate administration, the work may be overwhelming. This process can be particularly difficult for those who are grieving from the loss of a loved one. We can help you in your time of need by handling the details of estate administration so that you can properly grieve. If you have lost a loved one, contact us today to inquire about hiring a Central Virginia estate administration lawyer.

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