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Marriage is perhaps the greatest commitment two people can make. Although trust is an element integral to a healthy relationship, individuals who trust one another and desire to enter into a marital relationship may desire to set forth certain protections prior to marriage by entering into a premarital agreement. We understand creating such an agreement is emotionally difficult and work to make the process as comfortable as possible. If you are planning to marry, contact a Central Virginia prenuptial lawyer today to inquire about obtaining peace of mind with a premarital contract in Virginia.



Dissolving the bonds of matrimony is an emotionally taxing endeavor. Reorganizing or terminating the legal duties of marriage may be a complicated and drawn-out process involving a myriad of issues. Attempting to resolve issues on your own could complicate issues and decrease your chances of reaching an amicable resolution to the conflict. We work to relieve you of some of the stressors of divorce in Virginia and help create a positive, client-focused outcome.  If you are married and considering divorce in Virginia, or have decided on divorce and want out, contact a Central Virginia divorce lawyer today.



An annulment of marriage in Virginia  is a legal procedure which effectively "erases" a marriage and thus makes it void. In Virginia, annulments are recognized and are granted. However, to qualify for an annulment of marriage in Virginia, the filing parties must qualify by meeting certain conditions, which include: some type of defect in the marriage; the marriage involved some type of fraud; or, one party withheld significant information from the other party prior to marrying. If you are recently married and  no longer want to be, contact a Central Virginia annulment lawyer today.



Divorce is difficult for spouses, specifically when there are children involved. Often, each party believes they would be a better parent than the other, and determining child custody in Virginia becomes contentious. In Virginia, the laws support the welfare and best interests of the child. Parties who work out the details of a parenting plan demonstrate their will and ability to care for the child. When parents cannot reach an amicable agreement, the court steps in to resolve custody issues. We can help relieve stress by assisting in developing  an agreement protecting the best interest of the child, and your interests, in the process.  If you have a child custody issue in Virginia, or believe one will develop, contact a Central Virginia child custody lawyer today to see how we can help.



There is no greater responsibility than raising child. As parents, we must support our children emotionally, physically, and financially. Either or both parents may be ordered to pay child support in Virginia. Child support in Virginia is based on a variety of factors and determined according to the Virginia Child Support guidelines, unless the parents reach an agreement that, at a minimum, equals the amount prescribed by the guidelines. If the court determines that given the specifics of the case,  the guidelines are unfair to the parties, the court may deviate from them.  Let us help you, and in turn help your child, by assisting in arranging support. If you have a child in or out of wedlock, don't arrange child support  on your own. Contact  a Central Virginia child support lawyer today.



Spousal support, sometimes referred to as alimony in Virginia, is not available in all cases of separation or divorce.  A determination of eligibility for alimony in Virginia must be made by considering the circumstances and factors that led to the divorce. Once eligibility is determined, the court will consider certain factors in determining the nature, duration, and amount of alimony in Virginia. Alimony in Virginia may be awarded in periodic payments in defined or undefined durations,  in lump sums, or in any combination of the three. We apply ourselves to ensure that you receive the best possible alimony given your case, if you are eligible to receive support.  If you are considering divorce and are worried about finances, contact a Central Virginia alimony lawyer today.


At times, it may be necessary to modify the child support terms agreed to as part of the divorce. A court may modify a prior order or decree concerning child custody in Virginia, if it is proven circumstances changed and the best interests of the child require modification.  A court may modify a prior order or decree concerning child support in Virginia if  the party seeking modification proves there was a material change in the parties circumstances. If you believe an agreement needs modification, or you are asked to modify an agreement, contact us today to discuss your options with a Central Virginia child support lawyer.


Unfortunately, after people go through a divorce, one or both parties may not comply with the terms they agreed to. In this case, an action to enforce a court order or decree in Virginia may be necessary. In enforcement, the party not in compliance may, among other things: be held in contempt of court; have their wages garnished;  have professional and drivers' licenses suspended; or, have liens taken on property they own. If you require enforcement of a court order in Virginia, or if you find yourself in noncompliance in Virginia, contact us today to discuss your options with a Central Virginia family law lawyer.





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