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Do you have an idea? Do you have the entrepreneurial spirit? Do you want to turn your idea into a properly functioning business? We can help you: choose the type of entity which suits you and your idea; obtain legal status for your business; plan for the future of your business; and, most importantly, work with you in monitoring operations once your business is functioning. Some lawyers or websites may provide you with some documents and wish you luck. Not us! We understand the nature of start-ups and we are there for you along the way! If you need help starting and developing a business, contact a Central Virginia  business lawyer today.


Starting a business is exciting. It may be a fantastic experience charged by hopeful yet nervous energy. That energy may cause some details to be overlooked.  Many people assume once they receive legal status for their business, there is nothing left to do. Creating governing documents clarifies the rights and responsibilities of the parties, which helps prevent financial or managment misunderstandings. In the event of a dispute, the document provides the opportunity to resolve differences in a more efficient and effective manner. If you need help drafting business documents, contact a Central Virginia business lawyer today.


Contracts are an integral part of business operations which could determine the fate of your business. A contract may be written or oral, and at times, if there was no official "I agree" moment,  but you began performing, you may have entered into a contract. You may need contracts drafted to meet the needs of your business, or you may be presented with a  contract. We draft contracts to ​meet the needs of you and your business, and we review contracts prior to you entering into them to ensure it optimally benefits you and your business. If you need a contract drafted or reviewed, contact a Central Virginia contracts lawyer today.


Business disputes are not uncommon. Many civil actions arise from disagreements and misunderstandings between businesses, or those involved with operation of the business. People may breach their duties to the business and those they do business with. People and businesses may breach contracts, or  they may engage in unlawful behavior that causes you or your business to lose revenue. If you experience serious issues arising from doing business, contact us to discuss options for you and your business. If you  own a business and are being sued or believe you need to sue, contact a Central Virginia business litigation lawyer today.


Credit is the lifeblood of the economy, and extending credit to consumers may be the lifeblood of your business. Unfortunately, when your business extends credit, debtors may not pay back what you generously extended to them. To add insult to injury, you may be stuck wasting your businesses' valuable time and resources tracking down deadbeats to arrange for payment. Don't waste your time collecting debt in Virginia.  Let us use legal procedures to deal with the deadbeats so you can focus on what you do best: operating your business. If you  need to recover money owed to you, contact a Central Virginia debt collection lawyer today.


Dissolution, or dissolving of a business, is not as easy as simply proclaiming that you no longer want to be in business.  Certain procedures must be followed to ensure that you are in compliance with the law.  Dissociation occurs when an individual desires to withdraw from membership in a business. Dissociation may not be as simple as merely abandoning your duties. If you are contemplating dissociation, or are dealing with a member threatening dissociation, contact us today to ensure that you and your business are protected. If you own a business that is facing dissolution or winding up, contact a Central Virginia business lawyer today.





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