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Our philosophy is rooted in the deep history of the law. Beginning with the Code of Hammurabi, carrying forward with Holy Books and into modern times, humans have created laws to codify what is right and wrong, establish methods and means of governing behavior, and address disputes arising under the law.  During the time of the Roman Empire, under Roman Law, citizens engaged in disputes would take their grievances to certain forums and courts. Those with grievances could seek assistance from someone referred to as an advocatus. Advocatus, meaning "advocate" or "friend",  is derived from the verb advocare  (to call for help) . 

We take the aforementioned history to heart, and carry it forward into practice. We believe foremost that the relationship between client and attorney is critical to creating positive outcomes, and the foundation of that relationship lies in effective communication.  We also believe representing clients is a higher calling: when we agree to represent someone, we agree to fight a fight they cannot fight for themselves. Clients place their faith, trust, and belief in us, which we view as an honor, privilege, and serious obligation. We are not only a friend (advocatus) to the client, we are an aggressive advocate who places the client, not billable hours and fees, first.  



At 7 years old, with a clip on tie and a plastic toy briefcase, Mr. Wyer proclaimed he wanted to be a lawyer. Since that day, Mr. Wyer lived his life accumulating work, relationship, and business experience, while slowly drifting away from the dream of becoming a lawyer. He began working in land development and property management when he was 13 years old, starting as a laborer who carried buckets of concrete and stacks of lumber. By the age of 19 he was overseeing multi-million-dollar construction projects and simultaneously managing multiple successful investment properties.

Mr. Wyer began his college education with a focus on sciences, intending to eventually work in the healthcare field. While studying the sciences, he obtained a certification and license to work in hospital pharmacies and prepare intravenous medications. Mr. Wyer found himself unchallenged in the field, and after 3 years of studying the sciences and working toward a degree in chemistry, he was called back to his original dream of becoming an attorney. He promptly changed his course of study to business and economics, with the intention of going to law school and eventually developing a law practice.

Mr. Wyer is well traveled, having lived in New England, the Northeast corridor, on the West Coast, and in the Southwest. He has worked with the wealthy and the underprivileged, managed all types of people in all types of situations, and developed successful businesses in dramatically different markets. Mr. Wyer interacted with both good and bad attorneys in the nation’s largest and smallest markets when dealing with a myriad of legal issues. All of Mr. Wyer’s experiences, combined with the lessons learned from his mentor in the law and the attorneys he has worked for and against, led him to develop his philosophy on the practice of law.  His dealings with both good and bad attorneys help him understand, from the perspective of client and attorney, what quality, dedicated, personal service really is, and how it should be provided





700 12th Street

Lynchburg, Virginia


P.O. Box 6276

Lynchburg, VA 24505